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Plan on bringing someone with you to help with your clothes & props. It will speed up the process, as they can take care of them while we take pictures. They can also be a 2nd set of eyes for seeing things "out of place". Be sure it is someone you are comfortable with and can be natural around. Possibly someone who will make you laugh and you can have fun with. Sometimes this is a parent, and sometimes it is not.

If the location is someplace that we will be walking around a lot, putting your accessories in a clothes basket makes them easier to carry around.

The goal of any fine portrait is to direct the viewer's attention to the face or faces in the portrait.

Clothing choices should be casual, comfortable and fun. If you feel good and comfortable with your choices, you will have more fun and thus have a more natural smile. Also, decide ahead of time that your ARE going to have FUN with this shoot, it will show up in your face.

Creating a perfect portrait takes a little planning. Fine portraiture captures facial expressions and mood, while clothing, accessories, and props are secondary and shouldn't create any distractions. Careful selection of these will avoid dating your portraits.

Whatever you do, definitely plan your outfits. Don't just bring a bag of random clothes from your closet. A few extra solid tops are good if we need a different color though. The more you plan for your session, the better your images will be.

With Two or More People:

--With only two subjects in the portrait, it is especially important to dress in complimenting colors/outfits to capture their relationship.
--As a background, the outdoors is very busy. It is important to choose only one or two theme colors, with everyone wearing shades of those colors. While blues are excellent all year, ivory, khaki and salmon are great against such lush green foliage. Burgundy, brown, tan, plum, and gray are nice late in the season. Avoid all greens, as they clash with Mother Nature.
--Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member of the family stands out. Light and dark tones together create visual confusion, and will stand out as compared to the rest of the group.


--Bright colors do well, however, red and orange, may completely overpower the face and ruin a portrait.
--Avoid light colors that approximate flesh tones such as light beige, tan, peach, pink, white, and yellow. Darker shades are more flattering and slimming.
--White and black usually do not do well. If I get the face right, whites are often "blown out" and black becomes too dark. In both cases, you miss the detail lines of the clothes. Especially if both white and black are in the same picture---That is why wedding pictures can be so hard to do.
--Avoid wearing yellow or green as they can adversely affect skin color. Know your skin tone.
--Coordinate, don't match.
--Short skirts and low cut tops limit posing options.
--Solid colors and small prints work well.
--Large busy prints and stripes detract from the face and add pounds.
--Jeans are classic, and the texture is great for black & white portraits. They can be casual or dressed up a bit too.
--Be sure clothes are ironed, clean and brought on hangers.
--Turtle necks or V-necks are flattering provided that neither is exaggerated in style. Avoid very wide or particularly deep V-neck garments, as well as, bulky cowl neck sweaters that completely hide the neck.
--Layers often do very well.
--Bring both casual and dressy clothes.
--Take into account what your background will be. You don't want to clash or blend into your background.
--Take care with your shoe and sock choices so that they work well with what you are wearing. Sometimes barefoot may work best.

--I reserve the right to refuse taking pictures that reveal "too much skin".


--Newborns do best with as little clothing as possible.
--Favorite blankets.
--Stuffed toy

Personal Care:

--Small details matter!
--Wash your hair before you come, it needs to be freshly done.
--Avoid too much hairspray, as it will restrict natural hair movement when you move your head.
--Don't forget your hairbrush and comb.
--Men should have hair cut 1 week before the session.
--Women, now is not the time to try out a new hair style.
--Have nails cleaned and shaped, including your toes. They will show.
--Nail polish needs to be freshly done.
--Bright, black and unusual colored nail polish is distracting & may not match all your outfits.
--Don't forget your neck when applying your make-up.
--While make-up should be a little heavier, avoid looking clownish with too bright, black or pastel eyeshadows. Neutral colors work best.
--Glitter in the make-up does not photograph well.
--Have new mascara so as to avoid clumps.
--Take care of your lips days before the shoot, to avoid chapped & cracked lips.
--Eliminate shine – bring translucent powder.
--Don't wear sunglasses on the way to the session, they can leave red marks on the nose.
--Natural colored undergarments are best, we don't want them "shining out."
--No hats are to be worn before the session; we don't want "hat hair!"

Be Aware of Your Own Body:

Be honest with yourself.

--If you are heavy, it is best to cover upper arms, thighs and possibly calves. Large areas of bare skin detract from the face.
--If you are too thin, bony knees, shoulders and elbows are accentuated and draw attention away from the face. It is best to cover them up.
--Be aware of sagging, loose skin, and cover it up. Especially around knees and under arms.
--Decide ahead of time if your tattoos should be seen or covered up. It is not good to see half of a tattoo because clothes cover up part of it.
--Be aware of your tan lines when choosing clothes.
--Avoid sun before your session, red skin is not flattering, especially tan lines associated with sunglasses!
--Bring clothes that flatter you best, not what the trend is or what you "wish" you could wear...KNOW YOUR BODY.
--Make sure your clothes "fit" your body. You don't want them to be too small or too large for you.


Feel free to bring things that define who you are and your interests. Have fun with your choices.

--Plan your jewelry ahead of time for each outfit.
--Sunglasses are fine as a prop, but should not be worn.
--What do you do for a hobby...what are your interests?
--What do you like to do?
--Sports Equipment
--Favorite flowers


If you have a pose you have seen and like, print out a copy, and bring it with you. We can try to recreate it.
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